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Exclaim Enduro School

A full day's training and instruction on enduro riding tips & technique... or Half Day
Exclaim Enduro School Limassol Cyprus Europe

See what you can do first time off road...



Exclaim Enduro School Cyprus Europe
Exclaim Enduro School Cyprus Europe
Exclaim Enduro School Cyprus Europe
Exclaim Enduro School Cyprus Europe
Exclaim Enduro School Cyprus Europe
Exclaim Enduro School Russia

Body Positioning is Crucial

• Your head should be above the handlebar mounts (most of the time)
• Your knees should be bent, carrying your weight

• Carry most of your weight on the footpegs to lower the center of gravity

• Ride with the ball of your foot on the footpeg

• Elbows up and out away from your sides

• Overgrip the throttle

• One or two finger(s) on the clutch and front brake levers

• Keep your head up and look ahead at upcoming obstacles

"When cornering, weight the outside footpeg - like the physics of down hill skiing, this enables the knobblies to cut in, and helps lower the center of gravity - providing more traction, grip and control"

To all recent Exclaim Enduro School guests : note the 'Usain Bolt' arm positions, forcing the body up and vertical, left foot down, right foot weighting the outside footpeg, and bum crack on the edge of the seat...

Downhills | Nature's Express Lane

• Never begin a descent unless you know you have a safe path to the bottom
• Stand up with your weight toward the back of the seat

• Avoid building too much speed (!)
• Watch for bumps that could cause you to lose contact (i.e. traction) with the ground

• Avoid grabbing too much front brake at once

"When braking, body position is crucial - most braking is done in the standing position (as the suspension works better), with knees bent, elbows up, and weight back a bit"

Rocks | Cyprus loves them!

• Look for the smoothest line

• Watch for bowling-ball size rocks that could hit your footpeg and injure your feet

• Watch out for hidden rocks

• Stay focused and avoid being overly aggressive

• Avoid wheelspin

• Watch for sharp rocks that could cause flats

• Try to keep your feet on the footpegs as much as possible

"Riding uphill is difficult enough even when there are no ruts, rocks, loose surface, mud, adverse camber, to worry about - always remember, momentum is your best friend - learn to manage it"

Uphills and cliff climbs

• Choose a route (line) before attacking a climb

• Maintain a steady throttle

• Frequently adjust body weight to maintain traction without wheelie-ing

• Make sure you have selected the correct gear and, in most cases, avoid shifting

• Remember, momentum is your friend!

Water Crossings | Splash Out!

• Look for the shortest and shallowest place to cross

• Stand up so you can use your knees to compensate for any sudden changes in terrain

• Be alert for underwater rocks that could affect steering

• Make sure you don't create so much splashing that water gets into your air filter

Survival Tips

• Don't panic!

• Always ride with a friend

• Carry a fanny pack containing spare parts and tools

• Carry snacks and liquid

"Without doubt the best day I've had on a Bike in over 35 years" | recommended by John 'Doc' Warner


One week since visiting Richard and Dave at Exclaim, and my legs are just getting back to normal. Absolutely without doubt the best day I've ever had on a Bike in over 35 years. Cyprus is one big off-road playground, and we got to play in it.Trails, hills, valleys as far as the eye can see, brilliant....


"Most of all it's great FUN!" | recommended by Erin Oldman

It tested my confidence, mental and physical stamina and quick decision making skills - and when I passed all these tests I felt so clever and so proud! Most of all it's great FUN!

I've been skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, abseiling, scuba diving - you name it... this was definitely the most fun day I've ever had!

"One of the most exciting interesting and downright knackering things I have ever done" | recommended by Barry Hill

Hi Richard
The whole mud fiasco brought back in sharp focus. At least Dave stacking it as well was some consolation. I hope Jeremy wet his pants with all that hilarity.

A big thanks again Richard which was for me one of the most exciting interesting and downright knackering things I have ever done. I'm still buzzing. You were right about the muscle pain. I could hardly walk on Monday and the pain is still lingering even today, Dave is also suffering. I'll make sure I'm fitter next time.

I can't wait to see the rest of the video.

Best Regards to you and the boys

"Thrilling experience" | recommended by Dave Geary

Richard hi,

Many thanks again to you and the guys for an awesome day, the scenery (of which I saw more than Barry & Jeremy due to my route) was amazing, you guys have a fantastic 'playground' ! What a great way of life!  I've certainly been 'feeling the effects' by way of aching legs etc, but has been well worth it for the thrilling experience!

In addition thanks to you and wife for the hospitality,
Keep well & best regards,
Dave Geary

"Loving that Richard and thanks for yet another fantastic day out" | recommended by Jeremy Hill

Barry and Dave really had a great time too and I'm really proud of how they rode for the first time off road. I think you'll be seeing us all back again soon.

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and even supplying the diversity of needs with the crazy Belgian and mad Jock again! I've uploaded the pics to Facebook tonight too so if you want any originals for your site let me know and I'll mail them over.

Thanks again mate and look forward to the next one.



"Fun, Blood, Rock n Roll" | recommended by Olga Lashkova


Okay. Where to start. HAD AN AMAZING TIME! Now seriously. Great teachers, great people, great adventure. I've done things I thought I could never do in my life. Experience the exchangement of your two legs for two wheels. Note: careful, very addictive. P.S. Oh and I got Steenson's t-shirt ^^

Exclaim Enduro School Cyprus Europe

Stand Up!


"Four-time AMA National Champion Gary Jones used to practice with the seat off his bike. Why? Because the proper way to ride a dirt bike is standing up...


It's not only wrong to sit down on a dirt bike, it's also slow" | MotoCross Action Magazine

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