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The Exclaim Enduro Troodos Tour

From Kakopetria Base... featuring the stunning Viper Trail | Level 5+ recommended...

"Excellent day" | recommended by Thorsten, Sweden


Hi Richard, thanks for a memorable tour. The video looks super. Sorry for the low voice, you can't here me saying no to K1 ;)

It was a excellent day, I really enjoyed the tour (despite the cramps :) ) with you and Zac.

Hope to see you soon again. My best to you and Marie-Ange and the rest of your nice family

Best regards, Thorsten



"Probably the most extreme sport I've done" | recommended by Stephen Jones


EXCLAIM ENDURO TOURS CYPRUS | Probably the most extreme sport I've done yet. Beats sky diving, Bungee Jumping and diving with Sharks hands down. Just need an Enduro bike now. Best day Ever. Thanks to Richard Reast



"Would love to do it again, and no doubt will!" | recommended by Ker Russell


Great place, great scenery, really nice people, very approachable and friendly. Would love to do it again, and no doubt will!

Ker Russell


"Probably the best days riding I have done" | recommended by John Thompson

Richard - What a fantastic two days. Day 1 was probably the best days riding I have done and I have done a lot of tours with other companies.


We really enjoyed it and will be back.
Thanks for your kindness and help.

John & Ben


"What a blinder!" | recommended by Simon Peet

1. Cheers Richard and Dave, I was so impressed with the first day, I had to come back for a second. Troodos tour was awesome, a good pace, plenty of miles. Venetian Tour was good and varied, good group to ride with. I will be back with mates.

What a blinder!

2. Yet again, superb, cannot recommend the terrain, bikes, hospitality, enough, and of course it would be nothing without the guides. Richard and Dave, Cheers for another great day.

3. Top day, again! Superb singletrack, fast flowing trails, great banter too! Scenery second to none, back for more.

"I now have 3 new Enduro riding friends" | recommended by Neil McGregor

Thousands of miles from home & on a family holiday but I now have 3 new Enduro riding friends. Thoroughly enjoyed my Troodos Tour yesterday. Was even lucky & got a some rain & puddles to splash thru!....big thanks to Richard, David & Simon. Hope to make it back some time.


"One of the best Enduro Tours I've ridden" Troodos 2 Day Tour | recommended by Thorsten Furst, Germany

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the great time on the trails around Kakopetria. One of the best Enduro tours I've ridden. Particularly pleasant, you have customized the tour to my needs. Cyprus is a dream to ride Enduro. Beautiful single trails, fire roads and off-road trails coupled with spectacular views of the countryside.

Nice to have met you. I will definitely come back when I'm back in Cyprus.
Best regards, Thorsten

"My grin just won't budge" | recommended by Steve Dyke

Having completed my first ever Enduro Tour what a way to do it - with Exclaim on the Troodos Trails. 2 days after, my legs still ache, my adrenaline is still flowing, and my grin just won't budge! Thanks Richard, Dave, Josh and team for such a fantastic experience!!! Nothing better than jumping in at the deep end and I found a great company to do it with!! Looking forward to my next tour with you guys already!! Yeahaaaaa!!

"You have some fantastic riding and I would love to come again sometime"  | recommended by Ian

Hi Richard,

I had a really good day, we had a few hiccups but got there in the end.

You have some fantastic riding and I would love to come again sometime.
I look forward to seeing the video so I can show the lads and maybe sell it to them!

Once again, thanks for a great day out,
Best regards,

"The trails were the best I've ever ridden" | recommended by Martin Collinge

Thanks for a fantastic day riding. The bikes were excellent with a choice for all abilities.

The trails were the best I've ever ridden and the hospitality from Richard and his family were second to none. If you're visiting Cyprus and you're into trail riding then get in touch with Richard.

Thanks again,


"They are so professional and fun to ride with" | recommended by David Garcia

The last time I seriously rode a dirt bike, they had 2 rear shocks and my feet could reach the ground. Richard and David at Exclaim helped me relive a passion I grew up with and that even with the new technology in dirtbikes I can still ride. It was just like when I used to ride with my friends back in the day back home. I am planning on more rides with them at different locations.

They are so professional and fun to ride with. David


"Some of the most engaging, inspiring and challenging riding I have ever done" | recommended by Joe Flynn, Red Bull Racing

Hi Richard, well it's taken me far too long to reply but better late... I had an amazing experience with you and the boys back in August in the quite stunning Troodos mountains. Without question some of the most engaging, inspiring and challenging riding I have ever done.

The day was exceptional, from the warm welcome, quality of the kit and bikes supplied to the diversity of the routes we experienced. Christos and I were simply blown away so we can clearly see why so many people return. With all that we did I feel there's still much more to come back for so it's only a matter of time. Thanks again mate awesome. Pls pop in next time you're in the UK to RBR.

"An unforgettable day" | recommended by Christo, Red Bull Racing

1. Morning Richard,
Hope all is well.

Firstly apologies for taking so long to get in touch, but as you can imagine there's lots going on back here.......................... we've got a championship to win, (we are actually recovering from the holiday :) ).

I have to say I haven't had such an exciting and on the edge experience as we did on the tour for a very long time. I have already recommended the tours to a lot of my friends and family in Cyprus and here in London. However I try and describe the day or try and explain the emotions I just can't do it justice.

As I said, I was born  and raised in Cyprus, until 1993, and I have to say that the views I experienced on the day were amazing, and I probably need to revisit Cyprus as a tourist and check out some of these places.
Having talked about the experience with Joe, we agreed it's something that we would love to repeat, sometime in the future.

Even though I did have some moments of hesitation at times, during the tour, I think the level of the challenge was chosen to perfection, (on the edge fast, but not reckless, and the route, wild but not scary).

The one thing I will make sure I have next time is my own helmet :) lol
Anyway, hope you'll keep in touch and we'll see you again soon in Cyprus.
We are very keen on watching the complete "edited" video of the tour, are you on the case ?
Regards, Christo

2. A big thank you to the Exclaim Enduro Team for an unforgettable day of a challenging riding experience.

I have been riding in Cyprus since I was 14 and I can say that I have never seen such amazing scenery. But back to the day, I thought it was very well planned, and the challenge selected was a match to our skills. I never felt intimidated but it was definitely a dare.

The route was brilliant and the motorbikes were up for the challenge, having not ridden a motocross bike for more than 20 years, I felt at home and at times I was pleasantly surprised.
The guys were very friendly and knew what they were talking about, even Richard “I’ve been doing this so many years”, “I can look into someone’s eyes and tell if they are up for it” was spot on with all the instructions and safety tips.

Overall, an amazing day with a brilliant bunch of people which I will definitely repeat in the very near future.
Richard, I look forward to a new Helmet for my next visit 
Thank you for a blast, to be continued... Christo

"Fantastic Cyprus terrain" | recommended by Garry Budgen

My third Exclaim Tour! great fun to chase Richard & the Flying Scotsman up & down some fantastic Cyprus terrain & never getting told to slow down!



"A great day's riding on some excellent trails" | recommended by Guy Breeze, ex-Enduro Tour Guide

Hi Richard,

Thanks again for a great day's riding on some excellent trails, nice to have the variation of the trails as well. Views were great as was your knowledge of the area.

Really was a pleasure to ride with you and I hope to return again to conquer some of the mythical hills that where muttered about out there!! It certainly won't be to see another bloody snake!!

Hope all is going well with you, and David's bike is holding together!!
DVD was great.

"Great days riding" | recommended by Steve & Rory

We both had a fantastic time and have been spreading the word back in the UK. We will ride up the side of the Viper Trail and the new fire road off K2 when we come out again. Cool footage on you tube, looking forward to seeing more of it (the more extreme the better) Regards Steve.

PS links for knobby knife and neck collars to follow

"As I lay in hospital" | recommended by Andrew

Thanks for the opportunity for some awesome riding and your thoughts for me as I lay in hospital. Back at Graeme's now after a rough night, after they carved the bits of tree out of my hand. We watched some of the footage - I remember it being a bit more gnarly than that - Hahaha


"If you're looking for a biking adventure you have to do this one" | recommended by Eric Saffery

Thank you Richard for making this such a wonderful experience.This really made my holiday one to remember,with amazing scenery and superb trails it was everything I'd hoped for and more.
The mountains really were breath taking and I will be back for more.

If you're looking for a biking adventure you have to do this one, you won't be disappointed.
Many thanks again from a very satisfied customer.

"Many thanks Richard for a great time" | recommended by Robert Taylor

Exclaim Tours are great hosts and put on an excellent adventure and seriously good riding. Something for everyone. Till next, Robert 



Sun, sea, sand and SEX! Oops no, wrong tour!

Troodos tour was amazing. Parts of the trail were like stepping into a scene from Gladiator, the movie... with an endless horizon of golden wheat fields swaying in the breeze. Other parts were similar to taking a toboggan run without the ice... and all bits put a massive grin on my face!

In the morning, the tour was tailored towards one of our party who had absolutely NO off-road experience whatsoever so included a hefty dose welcome tutoring... then in the afternoon, the pace was up'd (big style!) and the mountains gave us a snapshot of what truly epic trails the mountains have to offer for the expert rider as well...

We only scratched the surface - OMG, from goat tracks, nature trails, woods, rivers, ascents, descents, jumps, roots, rocks, loose stuff, hard stuff, soft stuff, firm stuff, marble stuff, technical stuff to non-technical... and the culture? From 2nd century BC to Ice Cream 2000 AD and a lot in between! Including how the real people of Cyprus live.

In short, it was an absolute ball! It was like a fusion of riding the Salisbury plains, Brecon Beacons, New Forest with a touch of North Devon thrown in... BUT IN THE SUNSHINE!

A massive thank you to Richard and his wonderfully supportive family, which all came together to make it one of those life experiences that stories over a camp fire can be recounted, laughed with, enjoyed, and I dare say, some bits even get a tad exagerated, over a pint or six... brill.

Ian Griffiths (MXer, Enduro, H&H and time trial'er)

"The usual barrel-load of fun and banter" | recommended by Jamie Thompson

1. Without doubt *the* most intense ‘corporate day out’ I’ve ever been on. Had an epic time. Beats attending a conference and swapping business cards any day.

Will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone and everyone.

2. Came back for more, got more, with all the trimmings. Bit disappointed we didn't get a chance to visit Steenson Bridge though, I hear the sight of falling Gas Gas motorcycles at this time of year is truly something to behold. I was far too busy hurling myself heroically up mountain tracks and not quite making it to the top. The usual barrel-load of fun and banter.

"What an experience the scenery was outstanding the trail riding amazing" | recommended by Len Jones & Dave

The hospitality from you and your parents was first class. Hope to see you next year.

Len & Dave



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