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Tests & Recommends

Vee Rubber Performance Tyres

"Exclaim's biggest expense are the tyres. A rear tyre only lasts about five tours due to Cyprus' hard harsh terrain. Exclaim have tried nearly all brands and Vee Rubber tyres have more than proved their worth"

Here is what TBM Magazine said about Vee Rubber tyres in their independent seven brand tyre test... and the Vee Rubber enduro tyres went on to set the quickest lap time on the TBM test track :

"Great feel straight away and hooked up really well... the easiest pair to fit... good grip even when cranked right over... plenty of feel under braking... very good everywhere"


VRM-300 GNCC Tackee Off-Road Tires by Vee Rubber


The Vee Rubber GNCC Tackee tread patterns are specifically designed for off-road intermediate to hard surfaces. Exceptional traction on a wide variety of conditions. Reinforced sidewall construction for durability and traction on hard surfaces.

  • Tread patterns specifically designed for hard to intermediate surfaces

  • Exceptional traction for “blue groove” conditions

  • Special, slow rebounding rubber for increased stability

  • Flexible yet stable carcass allows more contact for better traction

  • Amazing traction on wet rocks and roots

  • Versatile – performs well on rocks, roots, hard pack, or intermediate terrain

  • Same long-lasting natural rubber compound as the Vee trials tire

  • Tackee is so good it’s like cheating!

  • Tackee=tacky/sticky trials compound

Delivers the comfort and traction of a trials tire with the stability of a knobby


Wet, slimy roots and rocks become a total non-event with the Tackee. I expected the trials compound in a knobby configuration to wear quickly, but it does not. This tire is definitely worth trying.”  NOTE: I do not recommend using these tires for MX, high speed desert, fast trails or other high speed events.     Jeff Slavens

HiFlo Filtro Oil Filters

"Cyprus' summer temperatures are treacherous... 35º c plus. Exclaim uses HiFlo Filtro oil filters, not just because they are more affordable than OEM, because they protect and deliver... [ NB they are the World's first TUV certified oil filter ]"

JT Sprockets & Chains

​"JT Sprockets are not the world's leading sprocket for nothing... who needs expensive OEM? Enough said"



We love Two-Strokes


"The Sum of Fewer Parts : A two-stroke is lighter, revvier, more powerful, simpler, cheaper and easier to maintain. Did I mention that a two-stroke costs less to produce and thus retails for about $1,000 less on the showroom floor" MXA Magazine, July 2013









Langcourt Advanced Cylinder Technology


Since 1984, Langourt Engineering have specialized in repairing, replating and reboring cylinders, with 100% of the work done in-house by our team of skilled craftsmen.


Exclaim represents Langcourt in Cyprus. Please contact us using the contact form.





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