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Why we love Two-Strokes!

Two-Stroke vs Four-Stroke

"Riding the 250SX is like racing Formula 1 with Kimi Raikonnen, sitting in the rear seat of an F-22 Raptor or pulling the trigger on Dirty Harry's 44 Magnum. Things happen fast on a 50-horsepower two-stroke...


Yes, four-strokes are easier to ride. Yes, four-strokes deliver their power in broad, mellow doses. Yes, station wagons are more useful than Porsche 917s.


But, which would you rather drive?" | MotoCross Action Magazine

"The power delivery of a 250 two-stroke makes a 450 four-stroke seem suitable for a little old lady from Pasadena" | MotoCross Action Magazine

More Smiles per Hour


"Two-strokes hit harder, wheelie more and produce more smiles per hour" | MotoCross Action Magazine

"I'm thinking now a 2-stroke is the way forward... loved it today" | Ady Jacko

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