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Exclaim Enduro Tours Limassol Cyprus Europe

Booking Conditions

​​Bookings & Payment​ :​

> tour bookings with dates may be made by email
> upon Exclaim confirming your booking, a deposit of 50% of the cost of your guided tour is required (by PayPal Invoice request or bank transfer)
> the balance of the guided tour is due upon arrival (in cash)
> you may cancel your tour at any time up to twelve weeks prior to tour departure
> a cancellation fee of your deposit will apply if cancellation is within twelve weeks of tour departure

Requirements :

> passport & motorcycle license | NB motorcycle license is not necessarily required for Exclaim Enduro School... please contact for advice

> proper riding gear is provided | medical insurance and riding experience is recommended

> a Refundable Breakages Deposit of € 100 is required against bike damage

What is included :

> use of proper enduro bike, fully protective kit, petrol, two host guides with Helmet Cams, free edited video DropBoxed to you (subject to footage), end of ride beers!

> plus for Tours including accommodation : transfers to and from the airport, Hotel bed & breakfast, transfers to and from hotel

What is not included :

> meals & drinks, medical insurance, broken bike bits

Recommended :

> Camera

> Courage

> Sense of Humour!

Enquiries or to Book :
> please use the Contact Form

Breakages are defined by :

> any damages or breakages that compromise the re-sale value of the bike.

Breakages exclude :

> normal wear & tear, minor scratches to plastics, minor scratches to graphics.

​​Exclaim Terms & Conditions | to be signed on arrival...​




Name :                                                           _____________ _______________


Country and Passport number :             ____________________________


Motorcycle license number :                   ____________________________


Date :                                                              ____________________________


Email :                                                            ____________________________


I declare that I agree with the Exclaim general conditions as follows :


Riders and Equipment :

Riders must be of age and holders of a valid motorcycle license.


Riders must be dressed in adequate protective clothing for off road riding – minimum helmet, boots, goggles, gloves. Exclaim can provide the fully protective kit. Exclaim reserves itself the right to bar admission to those whose equipment is deemed inadequate for the purposes of the course.


Off road riding experience is recommended. Medical insurance is recommended.


Insurance and Responsibility :

Exclaim is not responsible for any accidents which may occur during the course or the stay. Every participant is responsible for damage occasioned to himself / herself or others.


Every participant is responsible for any damage occasioned to the Exclaim motorcycle & protective kit used during the course, and agree to compensate Exclaim for the full retail replacement cost of any breakages, plus fitting.


Exclaim reserves itself the right to bar, without notice or compensation, those participants whose behaviour is deemed dangerous or capable of hindering the natural furtherance of the course.


Mechanical Assistance :

Exclaim supplies necessary equipment for everyday and ordinary maintenance; it is however unable to cope with major technical faults, although it will give its full cooperation and assistance in trouble-shooting.


Warning :

Beware of : dehydration, heat exhaustion & sun stroke; snakes, goats & other animals; bulldozers, quads & other vehicles; falling rocks, trees & other natural hazards.



________________________________ Signature & Date

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