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Enduro Paradise

Winter… what winter?
Cyprus sits on the same latitude as Los Angeles and has the most days of sunshine thanany EU country. From ancient times Cyprus was called the “Island of the Sun” because the sun shines for 340 days a year. During the Oct – Dec period, there is an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day, an average max temperature of 22° C, and on average, less than 5 days of rain per month!

Limassol… all year round fun
Exclaim are based next to Limassol, on the southern coast of Cyprus. Limassol is a
thriving, modern, cosmopolitan city not solely reliant on tourism. As such, Limassol’s lively nightlife is active year round. The city offers an active, vibrant & varied choice, catering for everybody at its many bars, cafes, pubs and clubs.


Enduro Paradise

Cyprus has arguably the most diverse
riding terrain in Europe, accessible from
Exclaim’s Parekklisia Base next to
Limassol. The photograher Denny Rowland explains “nowhere else on earth will one find a similar size of land with such a diversity of natural and man made environments."

With so much choice, Exclaim offers 8 different day Tours / Routes. A favourite
for many is the Coast-to-Peak-to Coast Tour, riding from Parekklisia up to Mount
Olympus in the Troodos Mountains (2,000 metres), and back again.


Exclaim tailors the Tours to the level of the guests. And offers tuition and instruction with their Enduro School Days.

4 Star Accommodation
Exclaim’s preferred hotel for their guests is the 4 star Mediterranean Beach Hotel in
Limassol, reputed to be the best 4 star hotel on the island (
Exclaim receives preferential rates for their guests, however cheaper accommodation is available for those on a budget.

Best way to stay warm?
Sitting outside next to the beach at Exclaim’s favourite seafood restaurant at Zygi, taking in the sun, and chuckling as you check the temperature and weather back in Blighty!

Favourite Trails
Coast-to-Peak-to-Coast Tour

When we reach the upper Troodos Mountains there are two Exclaim signature trails we ride. One is the infamous Viper Trail which meanders down a stunning ravine. It has everything an enduro rider could hope for : river crossings, challenging climbs, rocky sections, gulley jumping, etc.

So much so that we recommend it for Romaniacs Training. A YouTube video example can be found here : video


The other signature trail is actually
a hill climb, called 'K1'. 800m of
steep loose rocky fire break.

Many guests have made it to the top. Many have not, but keep on coming back for more!

Getting up is a challenge, as there is little grip and traction. So getting down is worse! One guest got to Section 3 (of 5), and then decided not to ride, but walk his bike down! 400m of exhausting physical torture! A YouTube video example of a K1 Event Exclaim held can be found here : video

Playground Area
One of our favourite areas is close to Exclaim’s Parekklisia Base. We call it 'Bikers'
Paradise'. You can spend all day there as it offers a huge variety of riding terrain. So much so that we use it for our Enduro School. We take Level 1 guests there to learn climb and descent technique (Level 1 is never been off road before, Level 10 is done the Dakar!).


At first they look in trepidation at the climbs, and some do get paralysed with fear with the descents. But after some encouragement and instruction, the guests are climbing and descending hills that they never would have believed they were capable of!

For sheer but-clenching thrills, we love 'The Ledge' on the Kionia Peak Tour. Strictly for the more experienced rider as we ride narrow ledges, with rock walls on one side, and huge drops on the other! One guest did go over the edge, and he was fine. But the three of us that took two and half hours to retrieve the bike 30 metres down were not!

For a but-clenching experience, you don't have to ride it... watch the YouTube video here : video

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